Public works

By making its diversified expertise available to public or private sector clients, Ramery works on road works, industrial infrastructures, urban planning, sanitation, miscellaneous networks and civil engineering.

External Works

To respond to a major demand from cities and towns for public amenities in their city centres with pedestrian areas, the Group has developed its skills in urban planning.  A know-how in innovative materials adapted to all types of traffic, surfaces, soil and environment, allows for control over the design and completion of flexible, semi-rigid and concrete roads on all types of construction and maintenance works.

Also present in Algeria with the subsidiary SOGETRAP, the Group has developed a specialised expertise in the desert environment, from earthworks to road construction, through to oil exploitation or environmental protection.


Whether for drinking water networks, gas distribution and medium and low voltage electricity networks, subdivision networks or the erasure of overhead low-voltage, telephony and public lighting networks, Ramery provides a full range of services and expertise on all types of networks.


By providing customers with all the pallets for recycling demolition products, whether on site or at a plant, and by presenting the life cycle analysis of constructed roads, the materials production activity reflects a strong environmental policy.


A dedicated team of engineers and technicians develops competitive solutions that take care of the environment.  In the field and in the design office, recycled materials are favoured in order to optimise, for example, the life cycle of constructed roads.

Public Works

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