CSR commitments

Guided by the constant desire to make progress on the health and safety aspects, well-being of employees and reducing the impact of its activities on the environment, the Ramery Group has set itself five operational commitments. This approach was rewarded with the Audace prize: CSR Sustainable Development, awarded by Cegos and ISIGE-Mines ParisTech., in June 2018.
Engagement 01

Promote the development of employees

Local management

Because each individual has a talent and potential just waiting to be developed, the Group’s Human Resources policy is based on local management. Empowerment and creation of employee prospects is encouraged both professionally and personally.

With a business organisation and autonomous agencies, the proximity of the field facilitates exchanges between employees and creates a friendliness dear to the company values.

Local management guarantees everyone’s development by focusing on training, thus enabling everyone to develop. In addition, “collective intelligence” is promoted by adopting the collaborative working method for more creativity, cohesion and better knowledge sharing.

Employee development

The Group’s growth generates the integration of new businesses. It creates new professional opportunities and promotes mobility between the branches and jobs of employees, the capitalisation of experience and the enrichment of teams by matching employees and organisations.

Local management guarantees everyone’s development

Engagement 02

Control professional risks

Because the health and safety of employees are priorities for the Group, proactive management of occupational risks is conducted in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 45001 and MASE II standards.

In all the Group’s entities, numerous awareness-raising, training and support actions are deployed in an operational manner, contributing to the development of a health and safety culture.

For example : a week dedicated to health ans safety at work in Septembre 2008 for every employees

Engagement 03

Prevent our impact on the environment

Sustainable management of sites and projects

Actions are taken to control our environmental impact and are part of rigorous and demanding environmental procedures. The requirements of the ISO 14001 “environmental management” standard are fulfilled, the product life cycles are analysed and the technical advances are anticipated as the new regulations.

Contribute to the energy transition

The energy efficiency of our operating processes is prioritised by optimising our consumption. As such, the Group is committed to a progressive approach to energy management in accordance with the ISO 50001 standard. Similarly, the circular economy is promoted by the sorting and recycling of the waste from building sites but also by the production of secondary raw materials in the waste treatment sites.

Working to revitalise neighbourhoods and industrial sites

The Ramery Group is adopting eco-responsible behaviours in the office by making employees aware of the need to preserve raw material resources, by carrying out actions to reduce our electricity and paper consumption and acting for sustainable mobility.

The Ramery Group is adopting eco-responsible behaviours

Engagement 04

Build lasting relationships with suppliers and clients

Developing long-term relationships

The great diversity of the Group’s purchasing needs leads to being in relation with both large international groups and SMEs.

With each of the suppliers, who collaborate in the competitiveness of the company and its development both technologically and geographically, Ramery builds respectful and sustainable relationships by focusing on winning 100% long-term partnerships.

Establishing relationships of trust

Ramery builds a personalised relationship with its clients. Respect, commitment and quality of services are the guarantee of a relationship of trust with clients.

With every suppliers, Ramery builds respectfull and long term relationships

Engagement 05

Strengthen our regional involvement

Acting for the return to work

In order to provide everyone with a place in society, the Ramery Group acts to facilitate the professional integration of the long-term unemployed and young people in difficulty by promoting learning, reintegration and improving knowledge and access to trades. Mobilised in a personal capacity, the Group’s managers and employees accompany young people in their professional projects, thus transmitting their experience and their entrepreneurial spirit.

Encouraging social and solidarity-based innovation

Founding member of the Fondation des Possibles and the Fondation territoriale des lumières, founding member of the Social Business Chair supported by the Lille Catholic Foundation, member of the Northern Foundation, the Ramery Group is mobilised to promote the emergence of new forms of solidarity conducive to the development of the most vulnerable.

Contribution to the attractiveness of the regions

As a local player, it is essential to contribute to the development and attractiveness of the regions. Ramery therefore prioritises interactions with local suppliers and subcontractors and supports local actions and events, be they sporting, cultural or for the protection of the environment.To support the development of the regions in which the Group operates, relations with local ecosystems are preferred.

shared ambition

"Being a creator of prospects", this is the ambition of the Ramery Group.

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