Relations with educational institutions

Investment in and with young talent to secure the future.

The Ramery Group develops many actions destined to schools (universities, engineering schools, highschools,…) to allow students to learn more about the Group and its differents professions. Our experts go directly in the schools for presentation  and other events to answer the students’ questions and help them consolidate their career choices.

Relationships with schools are fondamental for the Groupe to find the actors of tomorrow’s business. Ramery signed parternship with ICAM (Institut Catholique des Arts et Métiers) and HEI (Hautes Études d’Ingénieur) in Lille to allow students to have a singular experience in the company.

Learn more about the parternship with ICAM
Learn more about the parternship with HEI


For their internships or their apprenticeship, students have professinals as their mentors. They integrate a team and are durectly put into work situations. Those are true occasion for them to learn along side experts and for the Group to carry its expertise on.

The diversity of professions within the Ramery Group makes it possible to ensure a diversity of tasks possible throughout a school career but also career. Joining Ramery is the opportunity to live several different professional lives within the same group.

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