On the strength of its business in complementary know-how, the Ramery Group offers a made-to-measure service to meet the new expectations and requirements of public and private clients.

Public works

By making its diversified expertise available to public or private sector clients, Ramery works on road works, industrial infrastructures, urban planning, sanitation, miscellaneous networks and civil engineering.

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Ramery works on all types of construction projects: housing, public facilities, sports equipment, teaching, hospitals, industrial buildings, logistics, commercial buildings, drinking water and wastewater equipment and waste recovery centre.

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The Group combines its expertise to offer clients efficient technical solutions in both new construction and renovation. Because a quality partnership is long-term, Ramery also provides maintenance and building services.

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Real estate

Ramery specialises in the business of commercial or residential property. Built around complementary activities: land development, general contractor and real estate development, the Group works to create smart, dynamic and sustainable cities in which to live and work.

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Thanks to the pooling of its know-how, Ramery provides environmental solutions: revitalisation of industrial sites, cleanliness and recovery of resources. The Group puts all its experience at the service of communities and businesses to maintain, improve and enhance the living environment of citizens or production tools.

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Building envelope

Aware of the current energy and environmental challenges, the Group is committed to designing the best building envelope so that it is adapted to its environment and able to fight against weather and external elements.

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