Ambition and figures

Being a creator of prospects, this has been the ambition of the Ramery Group since its creation in 1972. Nearly 50 years later, the company supported by 3,000 employees, is now one of the top 15 French construction companies and has a turnover of over 535 million euros.

With its 3,000 employees, the Group cultivates strong values. Everyone shares the same culture of excellence, respect for commitments and closeness to their private and public clients.

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Ramery is a group in constant developpement with a shared ambition and common values. »



are at the heart of the Group’s business, organisation and ambitions.


play a fundamental role. The company has meaning and existence only through the women and men who drive it.


for people and commitments given.

Teams, clients and partners all share the same culture of excellence, success and closeness.

Together, they continue to create new prospects, capture new markets, invent new solutions that are always more efficient, sustainable and eco-responsible.

Partner clients

Partner clients

Prospects of sustainable and responsible partnerships with know-how of multi-specialists on complex projects.



Prospects for professional fulfilment, development and changes.

The inhabitants

The inhabitants

Prospects for creating and optimising the living environment in order to live together better.

The company

The company

Prospects for new professions, developments and innovations.

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Key figures

The success of the Ramery Group lies in its desire to remain independent, as much in the composition of its family capital as in its investments or in the control of its know-how. The Ramery Group puts people at the centre of the collective success.

  • 3 000

    employees within the Group
  • 47

    years of experience
  • 67

    agencies located in France and Algeria
  • 535

    million in turnover
  • 3 300

    public and private clients