SNCF is rethinking all of its processes.

All the businesses of the Ramery group work together on the entire life cycle of the project!

The project consists of the construction of a new 27,000 m² workshop, replacing several obsolete and unsuitable buildings with a surface area of 47,000 m², which have been deconstructed.  The Hellemmes site (the Lille municipality) is one of the 10 SNCF Mobilités sites carrying out industrial maintenance, renovation and modernisation of the TGV and Eurostar trains.  Like the technicentres of Vénissieux and Romilly, also in the process of transformation, the modernisation of its industrial tool aims to turn it into a real factory of the future.

Before the new workshop’s construction, Ramery dealt with the demolition of the old process. A work done in synergy between the energy and environment teams.They had to deviate near 1 200m of power cable. All 6 locals, of 8 000 m², were cleaned up and emptied from the inside to facilitate the demolition. This first step generated 15 000 tonnes of general waste, sorted at 70%.

The construction of the new buildings starts with an impression hoisting session of the metal frame. 6 cranes were needed to hoist the 100T metal frame and place the 4 poles of 15T each. The operation will be repeated three times to assemble the final 27 000 m² of the futur building.


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