Revitalisation of the iconic site

Deconstruction of the old La Redoute factory in La Martinoire

Ramery coordinated all the operations as well as the deconstruction of La Martinoire.  This project is remarkable for its size, everything is oversized: about 300,000 m² of land, 100,000 m² of covered buildings and 160,000 m² including the surface area of the floors.  For asbestos removal, the numbers speak for themselves.  30,000m² of asbestos bituminous roof, 2,000 flange joints, 4,000 metres of cement fibre pipes and many more floor slab surfaces, fire doors, glazing joints and so on. After the demolition of 11 buildings, it was necessary to crush 140,000 tonnes of concrete, plane 30 000m² of road and recycle 15,000 tonnes of scrap.

The former historical parcel factory of the distance selling business has disappeared from the landscape, replaced by a more modern one.

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