Un nouvel écosystème tertiaire au cœur d’Euralille

Apogéo et Meurisse, filiales de Ramery environnement, ont procédé aux travaux de sondages et d'essais nécessaires à ce projet d'envergure.

Revealed in March, the ShAKe is the main event of Eurallile. The sprialing green roof is as a hanging garden in the business centre. A one of a kinds realisation.

Its name is made out of sahre and work. Its meant to represente a new kind of collaborative economy and a new way of thinking corporate real estate. The five-meter-high building will count many offices, two restaurants, a nursery, a hotel, a business centre, a incubator, a gym,… and the famous panaramix rooftop accesible from the street.

Meurisse did the sampling over 30 meter depth to measure the bearing capacity. Apogeo determined the fondation dimensions based on tests run by Meurisse, then realised the deep driling and supervised the pumping operations to estimate the impact of the three level car park to the droundwater.

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