Collection, recycling and recovery of used furniture

The Ramery Group is involved in the sector of Furnishing Elements Waste.

CALL (Communauté d’Agglomération of Lens-Liévin) has entrusted the bulky waste treatment market until 2022 to Ramery environnement for the collection, recycling and recovery operations of used furniture.

Thanks to this market, the Ramery processing and recovery sector recovers 20,000 tons of materials each year from waste disposal centres and monthly bulky collections.  The furniture is sorted in order to remove the materials such as wood, scrap metal and plastic then these are transformed into secondary raw material or used to produce energy.

Ramery meets the expectation of responsible consumption and the need to significantly increase the means of recycling and recovery of materials.  As proof of its commitment to sustainable development, Ramery ensures a recycling rate of 35% of recovered furniture.

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