Watteau and Pater boulevards

Since 2004, Valenciennes Métropole has aimed to reclassify all of its external boulevards.

Valenciennes Métropole aims to reclassify all of its external boulevards.  2018 is marked by the reconstruction of two of them that it entrusted to the Ramery Group, namely Watteau and Pater boulevards.

The Boulevard Watteau is an important route for traffic in the city, the objective is to make all the modes of traffic more fluid.  The exterior parts are dedicated to cars, pavements are widened and cycle lanes are created.  The central lane is exclusively reserved for walking.  The boulevard is known for its many trees, special attention is paid to the landscape aspects where nature has a special place.

A global urban development project of more than 25,000 m².

Second boulevard undergoing renovation, Boulevard Pater.  A less substantial project than the previous one, 9,000 m² this time, but which is in direct continuity.  Both boulevards are consecutive and the work has overlapped to further reduce the time of completion of the two boulevards.

Last phase of the project for the Ramery Group, Poterne square which is a direct extension of the Pater boulevard.  The square is home to 220 parking spaces.

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