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Thanks to the diversity off itd activities, Ramery offers many solutions and services to revialise sites : deconstruction, asbestos disposal, decontamination, and water treatment. Thanks to the many sorting centre, Ramery is committed to collect, receive on its decks or deal with in situ all kinds of waste to make them reusable. The materials facilities of the Ramery Groupe deal with either deconstruction or industrial waste.

Land developpement

The Group create various land developpement projects from thousands of square meter or several dozens hectares. Whether it's for news neighbourhood, reaqualification of existing sites or land heritage valorisation... Ramery works with elected representatives to conceive sustainable urban area, conciliating expension goals and the residents expectations.

Real estate developpement

Ramery also accompany private individuals who wants to acquire their main residence or invest in real estate to consitute a heritage. The Groupe intervene for the commercial property business through locals, offices and malls. The teams propose long term solutions to professionals who wants to establish, developp or relocate their activities.&

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