Renovation of the Marcel-Tribut football stadium in Dunkirk.

A brand new stadium for USL Dunkirk (Union Sportive du Littoral) in line with the ambitions of the club that aims to rise in league 2.

Built in the 1960s Tribut Stadium, which hosts the Dunkirk football team, no longer meets the requirements imposed by the French Football Federation for teams playing at this level of League 2.

The Urban Community of Dunkirk (CUD), decided to completely renovate the stadium in two phases because the football team must be able to continue to guarantee its home games during the duration of the work.

The new Tribut Stadium is: a hybrid lawn, changing rooms and new offices, new reception areas for partners, two new stands with more than 5,000 seats.

The operation is part of a specific phasing alternating the demolition and then successively the construction of each stand, to maintain the activity of the stadium during construction.

Key figures:

6,000 cubic metres of earthworks
4,500 cubic metres of concrete
200 tonnes of steel
2,5 kilometres of steps
11,000 square metres of flooring
295 tonnes of steel structures

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