Transport à Haut Niveau de Service

The city of Dunkirk seeks to increase mobility in the city centre.

The aim is to make the city more attractive, improve fast travel solutions, reorganise the traffic to make it more fluid, and also make the city more pleasant for the inhabitants of Dunkirk.  This project aims to rethink the road network by separating the traffic of  pedestrians, cars and public transport but also to create more places for the inhabitants.

Ramery Travaux Publics is involved in the creation of a High Level Service Transport Network in 3 major sectors: the Grande Synthe road to the city centre, the station area and the city centre.  The “penetrating”, first sector of intervention, is completely redesigned to create cycle lanes, bus lanes and pedestrian routes while leaving the lanes reserved for cars.  At the station, a 250-space car park is being built, as well as new pavements, public lighting and new roadways.  This sector will also be entirely dedicated to pedestrians making it possible to walk more easily to the city centre.

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