Reclassification of the old Sonoco paper mill

A historically industrial villa, Marquette-lez-Lille is transforming itself and has started a program of redeveloping wastelands. The Rives des Sens takes its place on the former site of the SONOCO cardboard factory.

Ramery Immobilier imagined the Rives des Sens program as a cocoon in a hectare of landscaped park on the banks of the Deûle.  It is therefore logical that the materials used, such as wood and brick, reflect both the industrial side of the city while adapting to its environment.  In respect of the natural space in which it is located, the residence meets the RT 2012 regulation which aims to limit the consumption of primary energy.

It is a real estate program consisting of 19 houses and 102 apartments, from T2 to T4, spread over four buildings.

From the study of soils to decontamination, including the construction of roads and the construction of buildings and houses, the site is supported by all the Ramery Group’s businesses.


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